Monday, 10 December 2012

Wedding - Photography - Matt and Krysten

I photographed Matt and Krysten's Wedding back in Summer 2012. The couple were High School sweethearts at my secondary School growing up. I hadn't seen them since school days, so it was nice to get a call out of the blue, and to be told that they were getting married and asking me to photograph their big day.

The day itself was really nice relaxed family orientated wedding. Krysten's father-in-law conducted the ceremony, and the reception was held in a Marquee at Matt's family home. As such, the reception had a really nice DIY feel, with lots of personal touches, which a lot of friends and family had helped to make happen.

As you'll see from the photos, everyone had an amazing day, and I wish them well for a long and prosperous life of wedded bliss!

Enjoy! ...

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